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Will AI take over social media content?

Ismail O Postalcioglu
2 min readJul 13, 2023

Social networks keep launching AI content generators. But will we ever leave it to them?

From LinkedIn’s focus on AI-boosted recruitment to Meta’s tests on AI to “generate everything”, social networks are trying to put Artificial Intelligence to work.

One main field for AI is content generation: YouTube launched a title generator yesterday. LinkedIn has several ChatGPT powered content boosters and Instagram is reportedly working on AI generated stories.

Are we coming to a time where we can leave the content marketing process to AI tools?

Are they useful?

While social networks are putting AI to work to help brands create content easier, there comes the inevitable question:

Can we leave the content creation process to AI tools?

The answer lies within the question. They are generators. They generate content based on what they have.

So, what do they have? Briefly, they have three clues when they generate content:

  • Previous content published the web,
  • Your brand info,
  • Your intent

AI combines these clues and gives you some suggestions.

The question “are they useful?” implies a secret sauce: “are they useful by themselves?

Many brands and marketing professionals want to believe that they will have creative content solely by using those AI tools, a paradise where every brand has creative content just because the platform provides tools for content.

But the logic is simple: where it’s easy for all brands to be creative, nobody is creative.

As William Gilbert puts it, “When everybody is somebody, then no one’s anybody.”

If you want to stand out on the timeline, if you want to be “somebody specific” for your audience, you cannot completely rely on the AI generators used by “everybody”.

So, unfortunately, those AI tools won’t give you a magic wand to lead more traffic to your sales page. Because where will you get that extra traffic from? From the competition who uses the exact same content generator?

Even students at Hogwarts had different wands.

Does this mean they are useless?

No, they are useful, but not the way most people think they are.

They provide a window into the mysterious workings of the platform algorithms.

They are not your creative copywriters, but your “insiders” at the platform.

AI content generators give you two important insights:

  1. What works on the platform’s algorithm in general
  2. What works on the platform for your brand

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